Music Adds

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2011 at 3:55 pm

The old blog is dead (or dying) so here’s a recap of some of the posts of music that has already been added.

New to the rotation is John Fischer, Rick Cua, The Cruse Family, Dan Peek (his remake of the America hit, Lonely People), Benny Hester, Bryan Duncan, Craig Smith, Connie Scott, and Deniece Williams. Enjoy.

Teri Desario (Tapestry, Celebrate, Thank you and Battleline), Steven Soles (Walk By Love), Rob Frazier (This Town and Train Up a Child), Morgan Cryar, Lenny LeBlanc, Jon Gibson, Tim Miner, Sheila Walsh, Greg X. Volz, Glad, David Martin, Billy Sprague, and Bash “N” The Code.

Listen for “Holding On To You” from Servant, “I’m Born Again” by Glenn Garrett, Steve Taylor’s “Hero” and additional songs from the Imperials, Petra, BJ Thomas, Kim Boyce, Amy Grant, Degarmo and Key and Mylon and Broken Heart. All good stuff!



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