The Joy of Internet Radio

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Internet radio is great. Scanning through Live365 and looking at the Christian stations, there is something for everyone – no matter how narrow the musical tastes. Classic Christian is a niche radio format and it just wouldn’t fly as a regular radio station. But, as an internet radio station, it survives and does quite well. Internet radio has a worldwide reach so our listeners come from all over. In the past 30 days,  we have had listeners from Canada, Bulgaria, Mexico, India, Philippines, China, Colombia, Finland, Bahamas (cool), Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Croatia, Brazil, New Zealand, Mauritius, Qatar, Chile, Barbados, and a lot of others. Amazing!

As niche as Classic Christian is by itself, there are many stations on Live365 that play a form of it – like:
Classic Christian Rock – “”, “”
Classic Christian “Deep Cuts” – “”
Classic Christian music like what we play here – “”, “”, “”, “”, “”.

It’s good to have that kind of variety even for a format like Classic Christian! Classic Christian Hits has been the #1 Live365 station of its type on/off for a while now – but some of the other stations have music I don’t have and sound really good. Sometimes I like to just flip around on the Live365 dial and hear what others are doing.

Yeah, internet radio is pretty amazing. For me, it’s been a real blessing.


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