Music Notes

There are always changes going on with the music on Classic Christian Hits. Below you’ll find some of the artists, what’s new, and fun facts.


What are some of the artists you’ll find on CCH? Here’s a few to jog your memory:

Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Petra, Steve Taylor, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Denny Correll, Tim Miner, David Meece, Glad, Russ Taff, The Imperials, Michele Pillar, Cruse Family, Benny Hester, Connie Scott, Matthew Ward, Billy Sprague, Bryan Duncan, Jon Gibson, Brown Bannister, Michael Card, The Archers, Silverwind, Trace Balin, Sweet Comfort Band, Bob Bennett, Servant, Nancy Grandquist, Wayne Watson, Oden Fong, Greg and Rebecca Sparks, Steven Curtis Chapman, Debby Boone, Bash ‘N’ The Code, Chris Christian, Michael and Stormie Omartian, Keith Green, Pam Mark Hall, Margaret Becker, Dan Peek, Harvest, Sheila Walsh, Kenny Marks, First Call, Steve Camp, Leslie Phillips, Fireworks, David Martin, Mylon Le Fevre, Degarmo & Key, B.J. Thomas, Scott Wesley Brown, Paul Clark, James Vincent, Teri Desario, Kim Hill, Stephanie Boosahda, Randy Stonehill, Philip Bailey, Rick Cua, Leon Patillo, David Edwards, The Front, Phillip Sandifer, Rob Frazier, Randy Matthews, Paul Davis, Ferrell & Farrell, Mark Heard, John Fisher, Jamie Owens Collins, Morgan Cryar, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Phil Keaggy, Steven Soles, Kelly Willard, Richie Furay, Steve Archer, Love Song, Twila Paris, Deniece Williams, Lenny LeBlanc, Dion, Kansas, Larry Norman, Don Francisco, Daniel Amos, Craig Smith, Bonnie Bramlett, Rich Mullins, Sandi Patty, Billy Crockett, Andrus Blackwood and Company, Roby Duke, Geoff Moore, Marilyn McCoo, Jesse Dixon, AD, Carman, Whiteheart, Ed Raetzloff, Kathy Troccoli, Joe English, Barry McGuire, and more!


02.12.11: Have you ever said,  “disco” and “The Bill Gaither Trio” in the same sentence? Chances are you haven’t except to say, “The Bill Gaither Trio was anything but disco music”. But, if you were tuned into CCM radio in the late 70’s, there’s a chance you could have heard a disco song the Gaither Trio released. Yep, the Gaithers. They got caught up in the disco fever of the time and released, “We Are Persuaded”.  Over my better judgment, I have added it to the rotation.  🙂  It’s from 1979 and good luck finding it on the Gaither homepage. I think they would rather forget about the album and song. Actually, most of the album sounds like the traditional Gaither Trio but there are two songs that were disco oriented. “We Are Persuaded” was added today. I’ve also added two songs from Kelly Willard – “Blame It on The One I Love” & “A Friend So True”.



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